PoliticsConsisting of three main islands, Trimera is a strategically placed archipelago in the middle of the Astimo Ocean.   Because of that fact, Trimerians have been forced to defend themselves against constant attacks throughout the course of history.  Run by ruthless emperors for the last thousand years, this nation’s reputation has been a powerful deterrent for any outsiders thinking of reaching its shores.  The emperors remain in power for twenty years and are named Titian in honor of the great unifier.  There is absolutely no blood relation in between emperors, the only way to become the next leader is to be “blessed” by the previous ruler.  Would be sovereigns, regardless of gender, are taken at a very young age to participate in an elaborate indoctrination process to assure continuity in the ruling style of the nation.  There is great honor (and riches) for families if their child is chosen for the “enlightenment” program even though the ties are completely severed once the young one enters the program. 


Titian is the leader of the army and his officers are members of the indoctrination program that did not quite fit the mold of the emperor’s position but are excellent military leaders.  Duty to Titian is of the most importance.  There are no shortages of conscripts due to the fact that the only way to have your child “blessed” by the emperor is for both members to have served in the military for ten years.  A much disciplined army is the result of constant fear of being expelled from a unit and lose the chance to child the next emperor.

Special units

Coming from the indoctrination process, the Death Squad is a ruthless commando unit created to inspire fear in the heart of the enemy.  Their black uniforms with a skeleton bandana covering their faces will make any soldier think twice before attacking these zealots.  Opposing warriors prefer fighting to the death rather than be taken prisoner by the Death Squad.  They attack with ferocity and are master tacticians. 

More units to come…



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