This country has been in conflicts with its neighbours since the beginning of time.  Kings have been fighting each other, marriages, alliances, treasons and assassinations make this continent a volatile place to live.  There was a moment of relative peace with the reign of the late king Rodno III, who died of suspicious causes, but came as no surprise in this conflicting nation.  Shortly after his death, his brothers, Khan (the new king) and Shreko (a scientist), set out to conquer the entire continent of Akora and are now looking to expand their frontiers overseas. 



The king is the grand commander of the army and the officers come from his bloodline or are personally chosen by him.  Known for their slow and methodic attacks, this army comes from a select group of soldiers that have been through long and arduous training.  It is every child’s dream to serve their king and fight alongside the royalty.  The strength of Ruda is in the trooper who is willing to lay it all down on the battlefield.  Most of their victories are achieved by sheer brute force and come at the cost of many lives.Special Units

Red Knights.  These heavily build soldiers rely on firepower rather than tactics.  Used to consist mainly of nobles, this unit is now open to the rest of the armed forces.  A Red Knight will come on the battlefield with his heavy arsenal and engage the enemy with utter destruction.  Many Red Knights, who are part of legends today, have fallen during combat firing their weapons until the last breath.  To be part of this unit is the greatest honor a Rudan can receive.  Normally, members of this unit will be attached to regiments and the presence of these “beasts” will greatly increase the surrounding troop’s morale.  Do not stand in the way of a Red Knight or suffer the consequences.

More units to come...



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