A rich and powerful nation, Ostego was before the war the world biggest resources exporter.  Willing to remain neutral and make profit from the world conflict, Ostego entered the war unintentionally.  Looked upon by many nations as a treasure waiting to be discovered, this country was in constant political pressure by warring factions for economical and resources support.  Now that invasion is eminent, they will have to defend their interests and fight off the invaders in order to survive.  A peaceful nation, Ostegonese have elected a special war leader in order to build a strong army.  The population responded in great numbers to defend their homes with a massive recruiting rush.


Force by numbers is the Ostegonese only chance to react quickly to incoming experienced armies.  Made up of mostly green recruits, this army has basic and easy to use equipment.  Leadership positions are taken by regular forces member in order to provide sufficient control over the new soldiers.  There will be most likely heavy casualties in the first engagements before this army can create some valuable veterans.  What they lack in experience, they will gain in desperation to defend their families and loved ones.

Special Units

Guardians:  This unit consists mostly of mercenaries from around the world.  They have answered the call from the government for experienced soldiers in exchange of an Ostegonese citizenship.  Having a chance to become part of this nation and secure their families future, these combatants will fight with great fierceness and will destroy any invaders daring to threaten their dream.  They truly are the guardians of the gates of Ostego.

More units to comeā€¦



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