Operation Rocket Science

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Pre-Register here for Operation Rocket Science taking place on september 29th 2012 at Ottawa X-Treme Paintball in Stitsville Ontario.

 Operation Rocket Science

Having annexed the whole continent of Akora to their empire, the Rudans are again on the offensive. This time they aim to set foot on the independant countries of Hagro defended by the NUKE coalition..

The bulk of their fleet being engaged to the north against the Sperkians, the Rudans have managed to free the aircraft carrier ZKN Opasnost Zatvori and are planning a surprise attack on Zuta, the closest country across the ocean.

A contingent of scientists and special forces was sent six months ago to establish two missile bases in an effort to attack the Zutan capital city Jak Uznas. A joint attack from the missile bases and the aircraft carrier would send the small country to its knees therefore securing a forward operation base on the continent.

The NUKE intelligence department (NID) intercepted multiple transmissions from the special forces established in on Zutan's ground and a task force was sent to capture and destroy the missile bases.

Upon arrival at the first missile base, there was little to no resistance and the base was captured intact. NUKE lost contact with their second helicopter sent to the other base and the worst is expected. After interrogation, the NID got information that the Rudan king’s brother, Dr Shreko, is in command at the second missile base. There was also intel on the arrival of the aircraft carrier ZKN Opasnost Zatvori.

Having control of a missile base, NUKE launched an attack onto the aircraft carrier. The strike was a success and the carrier is currently being repaired on the coast with no possibilities of aircraft being launched. Another attack would certainly handicap furthermore the ZKN Opasnost Zatvori forcing it to return to Ruda.

The offensive strike from the Rudans has become a rescue mission. Dr Shreko needs to be evacuated at all costs.

Hopefully, the ZKN Opasnost Zatvori can be repaired in time to launch a strike on the Zutan capital causing mayhem and giving the Rudans time to secure a foothold on the continent. 

If NUKE is able to take control of the second missile site and launch another attack on the carrier, all hopes of an invasion will be crushed forcing the task force to return home.

NUKE and Rudans are in a race to reach the scientist and control the remaining missile base.

Which side will you choose?


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