Northern United Coalition (NUKE)


This coalition of the northern nations was established many years ago when threats from across the ocean started to loom on the continent.  These countries are led by a committee including two representatives (leading and opposition party) from every nation inside the union.  All decisions need to come from that committee and can take some time to generate so in cases of extreme situations, the opposition parties are expelled from the room and a decision is rendered after a short one hour debate. Only a 51% majority is needed for a verdict to be rendered.  This was very costly for the Trimerians when a decision was made to send a nuclear strike on the approaching fleet to prevent an eminent invasion.  This is where the coalition got the surname NUKE.  Now that the nuclear programs around the world have been disbanded, the coalition has been developing a powerful army. 


Led by general Lance of Zuta, NUKE has been a force to be reckoned with.  Officers come from all over the coalition.  Defending the northern continent is of extreme importance and they will stop at nothing to achieve it.  Pre-emptive strikes have always been the standard for NUKE, if they feel threatened, they will unleash a strike to make sure no invaders ever set foot upon their lands.  Fast attacks are their strength.  Generals are thought to react quickly to threats and situations.   Troops get trained in their individual countries and will merge together in case of conflict.Special Units

Only known as “Seven”, this unit represents NUKE with the best combatants coming from all the seven nations.  They are renowned for their lightning fast strikes.   Engagements including this unit often result in great success for the enemy realises they are being attacked only when their fate has already been sealed.  No need to say that this unit is made of highly skilled soldiers.  In order to apply for the “Seven”, you need to have served your country for three years and seen combat.  The selection process is very demanding and every trooper needs to be in maximum physical condition.  Soldiers seldom remain in this unit for more than seven years (initial contract), for the constant training is very demanding on the body.

More units to come… 


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