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War has never been this fun

World Conflict Events is a new concept that will revolutionize the game of paintball. The objective is to unify the sport of paintball around the world by creating an interacting world that will be taking a life of its own depending on events results hosted worldwide.

How Does it work?

Too often, we paintball players, attend big games that have no real outcome apart from the winner of the day. Now, big game hosts and players across the world, have a chance to take part in something bigger. Using the WCE world map, a storyline can be developed using the nations in conflict. Once aproved by us, the game counts toward a country's defense or invasion. After the completion of the event, the organisers send us the result and the map is changed accordingly.


How do I join this cool concept?

Simple, send us your scenario for approval, we want to make sure the game will be well balanced for both teams so there is no clear advantage for one nation.  Onced approved, we post your event on our site for maximum visibility.  Remember that this site will be crawling with eager paintball players from all over the place just waiting to join on the action.


OK, whats the catch?

No catch!  We want to promote paintball and help field owners and teams have the best exposure possible for the good of the sport.


Do you guys know what you are talking about?

I can say we do, we have been playing paintball for many years and have attended many big games/scenarios across Canada.  We also have military experience and are not short of ideas for scenarios.  We always look for maximum fun for players.


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